Sunday Film Schedule

April 14, 2024

Features – 11:00AM-7:30PM                  Shorts – 11:00AM-7:00PM

People’s Choice Award – 7:30PM

Feature Theater

11:00AM - 7:30PM

Showing in the Auditorium

11:00AM - Block 1: Ain't Got Time to Die

Dir. Martin Krafft (1hr 10min)

After a long-awaited move to Montana to live out of her RV, Rachel Heisham receives a terminal cancer diagnosis that forces her back home to confront a traumatic past. The filmmaker becomes increasingly involved in her story and has to grapple with the weight of that involvement.

1:00PM- Block 2: Vegan-ish

Dir. Calvin Loh (1hr 40min)

The documentary follows a group of individuals living on the fringes of society, showcasing their unique lifestyles and struggles. Through intimate interviews and candid footage, viewers will gain insight into the reasons behind their lifestyle choice.



5:00PM - Block 4: I Want to Live On Mars

Dir. Mariya Somova  (1hr 20min)

Two young women (Pickles, very rural, and Breezy, very urban) are brought together by the mistakes or the circumstances of their guardians beyond their control. After months of prickly, unlikely friendship, and a series of poetically unexpected events, the two strike out on their own, leaving behind whatever scraps they had in exurban Pennsylvania in search of “Life on Mars.”

7:00PM - Block 5: The Rhythm of Ryan

Dir. Christina Suraci (15min)

This film showcases the music career of Ryan Cassata, Ryan is an award winning singer-songwriter, actor, performer, writer, LGBTQ activist & motivational speaker based in LosAngeles.

Shorts Theater

11:00AM - 7:00PM

Showing in the Scout Room

Block 1 - Documentaries

11AM - 1PM
BECOMING, BEING MOM(34min 46sec) Dir. Kathryn Roberts

Four women share the joys and challenges they’ve experienced with pregnancy, birth and raising children, as they contemplate their identities both in and outside of motherhood.

THE RHYTHM OF RYAN (15min 3sec) Dir. Christina Suraci

This film showcases the music career of Ryan Cassata, an award winning singer-songwriter, actor, performer, writer, LGBTQ activist & motivational speaker based in Los Angeles.

INTERCOURSE (27min 38sec) Dir. Andrew Barr, Logan Desris, Michael Seidick

This film explores a town that moves a lot slower than the rest of the world, despite the outside world always pushing in. This is a town that has true community and core values that differ greatly from modern society.

Block 2 - Sci-Fi

1PM - 3PM
ASTRONAUT (5min 52sec) Dir. Brian McCole

An astronaut deals with a rapidly failing spacecraft, leading to a surprising resolution.

CONSOLATION (8min 34sec) Dir. Hannah J. Decker

Mankind faces the dark effects of climate change and technological reliance when oxygen runs out in a future society’s safety bubble. A young woman reflects on her life inside the bubble and makes a profound decision in her last moments.

SKIP 15 (5min 6sec) Dir. Zack Wilcox
FUTURE TENSE (13min 17sec) Dir. Samuel Carrillo

Miles Oblander, a quantum physicist stationed at the South Pole discovers a coded warning emanating from the ice and must decide if he is brave enough to follow the clues in face of unknown peril.

PHASE III (11min 57sec) Dir. Numark Ricafranca

In a dystopian nation where people’s lives are determined based on 3 phases, a 13-year-old living in the monotonous, coercive, repressive, and repetitive life cycle of phase II attempts to progress to phase III hoping for a better life.

Block 3 - Drama

3PM - 5PM
DAISIES (8min 28sec) Dir. Sarah Layton

The relationship between a woman and her granddaughter is closely followed while her alcoholic son runs wild in the rural south.

IN THE GREY (14min 55sec) Dir. Paul Robinson, Sashia Dumont

A dramatic autobiography, where each character represents the three conflicting emotions felt from the writer’s perspective, after losing her estranged father to homicide

MALFOUF (12min) Dir. Omar Alqahtani

Henan, ingrained in her ways, confronts her repressed desires when she meets a queer weaving instructor.

NIGHT VOICES (23min 59sec) Dir. Bradley Hawkins

A jaded talk radio host in a cycle of hopeless and demoralizing monotony makes a life-altering decision while on-air.

THE CRIMSON DAME (18min 11sec) Dir. Sam Austin

When a feared serial killer murders their seventh victim, Detective Cross is determined to get to the bottom of this madness. Through a series of clues and flashbacks, he realizes that the famed killer may be a bit closer than he once believed.

WILLOW (5min 56sec) Dir. Alyssa Rose Capitini

Two sisters grapple with the changing nature of their relationship.

Block 4 - Thriller

5PM - 7PM
DAISY (14min 8sec) Dir. Stephen Charles Konnovitch

A troubled man delivers the eulogy for his deceased girlfriend, each line revealing his role in her demise.

GRAMPY (14min 7sec) Dir. Graham Burrel

A grief-stricken woman dates a similarly mourning man, only to discover that he keeps the stuffed corpse of his late grandfather taxidermy-style in the bedroom of his remote farmhouse where she is now trapped by a storm and forced to spend one terrifying night with “Grampy.”

PANIC! ATTACK! (6min 39sec) Dir. Andy Wilkzac

Shawn’s panic attack sends him through dimensions, and as it worsens, his girlfriend Ellie’s behavior becomes more and more erratic.

THE DOOR (12min 20sec) Dir. Alessandro Cubicciotti

Once inside of a hotel, a man has to get to a certain room. But passing through its door proves to be more difficult than expected.

THE ENSEMBLE (9min 11sec) Dir. Ethan McKellar

An acting class demonstrates the horrors of society.

THE PERFECT WOMAN (10min 22sec) Dir. Meagan Belflower, Noah Beckham

Richard works in a vintage clothing store and has met his 1950s dream girl. Could she be the perfect woman?

People's Choice Award

Announced 7:30PM